Project Summary

The project is to understand new hires and create a number of profiles. The initiative for the company is to gain insight with new hires in the organization.

Business Goal

The business goal is to develop a new hire section and support page on the company’s intranet.

Created, was a series of profile cards to reference throughout the information architecture, design, and development phases.

UX Role

UX/UI focused on various research methods, including brainstorming techniques and feedback from surveys.

This project required working closely with:

  • Business Analyst
  • IT Service Delivery Managers
  • Human Resources
  • New Hires

UX Insight and Findings

User research was done over a four week period to understand new hires and create a new hire persona; then four profiles were established;

  • Employee 1
  • Employee 2
  • Intern
  • Contractor

Online and email surveys, along with support tickets is what helped determine user segmentation. An overall persona was created to generalize the four segmented profiles above.

Persona with Segmentation

New Hire Data

The majority of the research showed that over 41% of workers are contractors, 21% are interns, and only 38% are full-time employees.

The percentages are valuable insight because interns and contractors have access to certain things, whereas a full-time employee has access to everything.

Time reporting and benefits are different for each group identified.

Data from Surveys and Support Desk Analytics


New Hire Findings

Results show that the new hires are ages 21-30 years old, 69% are female, and are office-based. Their top needs, in general are:

  • Desktop Services
  • Ordering Hardware
  • Resetting Passwords

Data from Survey Monkey


What Defines a New Hire?

The definition of a New Hire for the organization consisted of an employee hired within the last ninety days, which is what the support tickets included.

Surveys determined common goals;

  • Access to Software
  • Training
  • Learning Policies
  • Procedures
  • Empowerment

Pain Points

Usability tests revealed:

  • The search does not work well and is difficult to navigate.
  • Company policies are inconsistent.
  • Long wait times for permission to access software needed to do daily tasks.

New Hire Data

Final Delivery

The cards were created using InDesign based on a grid foundation. Each profile card contains information pertaining to a specific user story;

  • Alias/Photo (makes profile relatable)
  • Employment Status
  • Motivations
  • Characteristics
  • Use Case
  • Frustrations

Each card; printed on a 5×10 hard stock paper, is delivered to the team for quick reference.

Profile Based on Persona



It is important to note that diversity is the universal core value of an organization, stock photos of different race/color are chosen to represent the variety of new hire employees. Each profile describes a person who has specific needs.

Without personas; developers, creative directors, stakeholders, and designers would lose sight of the big picture. Who and what we are working towards in the ever-growing cycle of iterations and development?

Personas keep our mindsets on track to meet the same goal; unifying the experience across multiple teams and platforms.

Final Persona with Four Profiles

persona with four profiles