UX Product Design leader

20+ years in diverse industries, building and leading teams from scratch in Entertainment, Cable, Consumer Electronics, Retail, FinTech, and HealthTech.

My story

Early in my career I started out as a motion designer for TV news and cable networks. As I grew more curious, I realized linear media has limitations regarding engagement. Why watch something come and go when you can make choices, ponder your decisions, and decide how you want to interact with media?

As my passion flourished, I learned how to code and decided to design digital web experiences, a non-linear experience in which the user can choose their path. This journey led me to volunteer for related digital product work outside my 9-5 job. The more work I picked up, the more demand I had, and I soon became the go-to person for designing digital experiences.

The extra gigs I did lead to the creation of my company’s first digital newsletter and blog. Eventually, I became part of a team that created the company’s first digital community (intranet), which replaced the blog I’d made. I found myself part of this digital ecosystem that kept scaling. My determination to create intuitive experiences is how I became a digital product designer, and my passion keeps strong after all these years.

Education & certificates

Cornell University

Psychology of Leadership Certification: Effectively Influencing and Leading People (3 m program)

Kent State University

MS in User Experience Design: Information Architecture and Knowledge Management (2 yr graduate program)

Nielsen Norman Group

Master Certification: User Research, Interaction and Visual Design (90+ hours of training)

CIW Web Professionals

Project Management and Web Development: Best Practices and Implementation (1 yr program)

Missouri State University

BFA Design: Digital and Visual Communication (4 yr undergraduate program)